About us

If you told me I would of been making huge batches of elderberry syrup and selling it to people 3 years ago, I wouldn’t of believed you. It's kind of flown by so quickly sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe it all. They say find your passion and it will all fall into place. Guess what? I found it.....

I have a business! Making elderberry syrup! hahaha ! And when I speak about it, people say they can feel my passion!

Thats what I'm passionate about!

Getting all of Australia loving Elderberry. !

Growing up I was embarrassed by my cultural background. I come from a country that theoretically no longer exists on a map. My parents were from different parts of the 'same' country, they had different religions and different beliefs. They came from small humble beginnings. 

One thing that is imbedded and will never leave me, is the culture, tradition and heritage, I have grown up with. The simplicity of life and health. 

Elderberry syrup and herbal remedies were a staple in our house.  Growing up I remember, It was the thing my mum did for us, that her mum did for her, and now as a mother myself, something I have been doing for my kids. 

After a few years of regularly making syrup and jams and infused honeys for family and friends, soon more and more people started asking for bottles all things elderberry. 

This is where Elderberry Blends Australia was founded.

In my kitchen with my kids, tallying up the requests I had for syrup every few weeks. To now a full grown, small business with stockist and regular customers.  

We use the same traditional recipes today, that my ancestors used many years ago.  Our syrup is pure, clean and good for you. Made fresh every single week. 

We are also the first in Australia to have Elderberry Syrup DIY kits and infused elderberry honey.  We infuse the berries in our honey with the power of the sun and time. Just like they used to do in the “old days”. 

Today Elderberry Blends Australia exists in order to empower healthy families with a natural and effective way to support their immune systems. The traditional way.